Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter, Oil, 24 x 36 ins
Windy Tree
Windy Tree, Oil, 12 x 12 ins
Two Red Roofs - reflection in mountain lake
Two Red Roofs - reflection in mountain lake, Oil, 12 x 12 ins
Noelle, Oil, 22 x 28 ins
Hayfields, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
The Moss, Autumn
The Moss, Autumn, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Bog Cotton
Bog Cotton, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Softening Skies
Softening Skies, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Inch from An Grianan
Inch from An Grianan, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Purple Haze
Purple Haze, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Distant Rain
Distant Rain, Oil, 7 x 5 ins
Slieve Snacht, Dawn
Slieve Snacht, Dawn, Oil, 32 x 12 ins

Sinead Smyth, Donegal, Irish Artist

Many of these landscapes are painted on site in various locations around the remote peninsula of Inishowen, the most northerly point in Ireland, Co. Donegal.

Contemporary Irish artist, Sinead Smyth, captures an intensity of colour and energy which she sees in the people and landscapes she paints. Smyth is largely self-taught, painting and drawing since childhood, she has spent time studying and working with several professional artists. In 2010 she won an award for her portrait in oil at the 'Open Your Mind Exhibition', NUS-USI, Northern Ireland.

Smyth has been organising, enabling and facilitating arts related projects for 18 years and has worked on several collaborative arts projects on both sides of the border, including the City of Culture/Thames Festival 'Rivers of the World' Project. She has exhibited in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Europe.